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Over 80 Years of Farming Excellence!


Van Groningen & Sons, Inc. takes pride in offering high quality produce year around. Our farming operation is constantly studied and put to the test whether it is in the fields or at our on-site packing facility. The majority of our produce is ripened in the rich soil of California and picked at the peak of perfection. Our skilled team are experts at picking out perfection, precise sizing, and handling our products with care. It is with the combination of an excellent team, fertile soil, and years of experience and expertise, that we are able to offer produce of the highest quality. Check out our Product Development page for information on our latest endeavors in product development.



Van Groningen & Sons, Inc. does not grow any genetically modified produce. Growing any crops with the use of genetically modified seed strictly goes against our food safety standards. Below are two letters of guarantee from our seed supplies stating that the seed we receive from them are in no way GMO. 

                                                                   IL Foundation seed cert. 2015          lockhart seed cert 2015

Yosemite Fresh Mini Watermelons Mini Watermelons

Our Mini Yosemite Fresh watermelons are just as sweet as our traditional watermelons and conveniently sized for personal dining. Our mini watermelons have the perfect balance of rind thickness to extend the shelf life of the product while still ensuring a hearty, sweet, juicy center!

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Yosemite Fresh HoneydewsHoneydews

Our Honeydews are vine-ripened and ready to eat when picked. They are extremely juicy and full of honey flavor. Their tender texture and sugary aroma makes them the perfect refreshing summer treat!

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Yosemite Fresh CantaloupeCantaloupes

The cantaloupe is the most nutritious melon of all with a high water content and low calorie count. They are best grown in warm to hot weather, making California the #1 cantaloupe supplier. Our cantaloupes are known for their tender orange flesh and very sweet flavor.

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Yosemite Fresh Watermelons Watermelons

We offer some of the best varieties of watermelons available, esuring both sweetness and quality. Our watermelons are precisely sized and packed to our customer's specifications. We pride ourselves in our watermelon's high brixa measure of sugar concentration content, allowing us to provide the sweetest, juciest watermelons in the west!

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Dutch Treat Sweet CornSweet Corn

The rich soil of California provides the perfect growing area for our supersweet varieties of white and bi-colored sweet corn. Our corn is picked at the peak of perfection, hydrocooled and iced to ensure long lasting freshness, and shipped within hours of harvest. We consistently offer US #1 and fancy quality.

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Pamper'd Pumpkins Fall DecorFall Decor

Our hand cultivated pumpkins and various fall decor items are the perfect accent throughout harvest time and beyond. We offer a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes of pumpkins perfect for cooking, carving, and decorating your home. We grow various unique eye catching heirloom varieties along with the classics that everybody has grown to love!

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Pamper'd SquashSquash

We begin harvesting in August and pick through October giving us squash throughout the winter months. From Spaghetti to Butternut, we offer a variety of Winter squash. It's versatality and delicious taste make it a seasonal favorite!

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Almonds & WalnutsAlmonds & Walnuts

Van Groningen & Sons, Inc. has been a proud Blue Diamond grower since 1937. With over 70 years of experience, the Van Groningens continue to offer a high quality product.

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Livestock FeedLivestock Feed

Van Groningen & Sons, Inc. uses their farming expertise to also provide various feed for livestock. Please contact our office (ph: 209-982-5248) for questions on availability and pricing.



  • Orchard Grass Hay - Generally used for horse and dry stock cattle feed.
  • Wheat Hay - Generally used for horse and dry stock cattle feed.
  • Forage Hay (Green Chop) - Generally used for horse and dry stock cattle feed.
  • Silage Corn - Generally used for cattle Feed.
  • Almond Hulls - Generally used for cattle Feed.
  • Almond Shell - Generally used for animal bedding.

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